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Rants of my Life

I don't know what to say. Blank... writer's blocked... or I guess... too busy or lazy to open and explore a little bit.. Well, its been a year again... Many things happened in my life in a short span of time....
Moving forward is the most breaking part of life to deal with. It took a lot of courage, patience, and prayers to stand up and picked up the pieces that were shattered. I've never imagined that my life will go beyond at my expectations or rather beyond my control. We know that..there are things we can't control.. and I really Do believe that.. 

25th day of October, 2015 is the most remarkable date that gave an impact to my life.. to my son.. families.. relatives.. and friends.. An earth shaking news.. that was the day that I lost my husband... A terrible situation that I've got  because I needed too much powers to have confidence to face this kind of struggle for my son.. People always saw me smile and I knew for a fact that they've judged me. They don't know that I cried and grieved when I'm alone. I'm doing that to released the pained, loneliness, and restless mind. 

Time flies! The anguish and pain is still there.Yet, the best remedy is to smile and pray! God is always there for me.. and I'm thankful  for everything! Some things we cant change in an instant the way we wanted, but still, time will heal all the wounds.

Hmmm, so much for my rants.. Sorry, I cant help it... 

Anyways, I'm looking forward to update this site, soonest possible time...

God bless! Have a nice day.

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