A Scene Outside My Room

Seven years is quite long enough to forgot a scenery which makes me stunned and awed to seen such captivating view at night. And I took that photo last January 2012. Staring at the serene image of God's creation, shed a motivation to move forward. Picked up the shattered pieces one at a time.

Lazada Philippines

"A Scene Outside My Room"

Capturing Best Moments

It took me for a while to make another post on this site, tough moments, intense incidents that molds me to became a better person. Hoping for the best in life to wander, start anew, and built my best to stand on my own. It will never be the same again.

Lazada Philippines

Thanks God for this wonderful scene. You just remind me that every shattered moments, there will be a new journey to start unto.

Lazada Philippines

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