Me: Hey Son! How's your exam today?
Jaylou: We don't have any written exam today. Teacher gave me a bunched of papers in reading.. It was already written in English then read it in Filipino version...  How am I not be exhausted in reading  if I need to re-read all the past lectures in my 2 subjects?!

School Schedule

I woke up 4:30 in the morning to prepare my son's breakfast and his food stuff at school. My son woke up 5:00 am and headed to the table and ate his breakfast. After his meal, "Ma, I dont have classes today. Afternoon session has a whole day class. Let's go back to bed and sleep!"

Happy Anniversary..

Six years of marriage is like riding in cyclone loop. My husband and I have gone through a lot of ups and downs but still we're trying our best to manage and pinched them down. Dim moments in our lives helps us both to be a better individual. Small chit - chats that we had is a treasure to be kept in my heart. And now we're temporarily miles apart, still, we're making a way to have time and talk each day.

Back Pack! Back Pack!

Woke up early to prepare some stuff for my son such as breakfast, snacks and checking his things. While I'm cooking, I've thought of checking my mails and doing some things online before my son get up. Making some list of work load for today's journey.

Ahh... End of semestral break. School time again. Ready to start a new day as the school classes begin.

Back pack! Back pack!

Busy Bee

Been away for a few months and hope to blog again at home for a couple of weeks. I'm glad to check that my account still exist and tracking my past post. Ciao for now!

Off for my break.