Basic Tips of Orchid Care

Orchids are very nice plants to take good care of. Here are some basic tips of orchid care.
1. Watering the orchids always depends on the temperature of any kind of orchid. You may water it once a week. Orchids need more water when it is summer and less water on winter time.
2. Use a fertilizer which suited to the orchid types or varieties. Proper fertilization would give a boost to the plant.
3. Providing the orchids with proper light conditions will give a strength to your plant. Give your orchids a 12 hour  exposure. But be careful to the other orchids because of some of it needs less light exposure.
4. Re-potting the orchids is every 2 years. Give them a large pot and make sure to remove the dead roots before putting into a new pot. Give the orchid to adjust to its new home for a week before to start on  watering and fertilization schedule.

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