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I want to express my deepest gratitude to the following droppers.
Thank you so much!         
Top droppers on my blog
Picture to People
Researches about Computer Graphics. New free software for graphics.Hot free graphic effects.
Balance Your Budget Today
Personal budgeting and finances does not have to be difficult.
Doing Business
all about online business,make money online,or something like that.

Generation Z: Cruising in an RV
Enjoy this blog about the fulltime RVing lifestyle and the ageless generation of people who thrive in it.  The blog shares insights about the lifestyle and the activities, essentials, resources, and adventures that go with it.
Beyond Left FieldHumorous and lighthearted events in and out of the news with an emphasis on morons.
Article Marketing Methods
Making Money Online with Articles - Advertise and Be Seen - Entrecard Widget Is Above The Fold!
A Blog about earning online and free stuffs on the net. It's everything that can be gained in the internet
I cover couponing, store deals do it yourself home improvement, product reviews
Communication Exchange
A friendly spot where scholars, students, or anyone may share information, ideas, questions, or concerns about communication-related topics
Rambling Thoughts in SMK Serian
My rambling thoughts in a school I teach and learn.
Generate free money and traffic for your Blog
Its about online money based blog.
The Mad Genealogist
Genealogy, family search and family history blog.
Confessions of a Fitness Diva
The Fitness Diva shows you how to be fit and fabulous while still indulging in some of the more "sinful" things in life. Tips on how to be decadent, but still smart enough to stay looking amazing!
Positive men
Being positive in all aspects of our lives can bring wonder to ourselves and others.
The Wii Mommies
Join the Wii Mommies website and forum to help encourage and support people just like you who are trying to get fit using the Wii workout games system for the Nintendo Wii.
Traders' Hub
My blog gives trading advice, makes critical reviews of related sites, and teaches trading techniques.
Serian Man
Some thoughts on teaching and the exploration of the land of the hornbills, my beloved Sarawak, on the island of Borneo.
Learning How To Make Money Online
Learning How To Make Money Online:  Advertise and Be Seen - Entrecard Widget Is Above The Fold!
Nesting Buddy
Nesting Buddy is a site for existing and aspiring franchisers and home-based entrepreneurs. Here you will find information and articles to inform, motivate and assist you in your endeavours.
Funky Town Disco Music
Once upon a time the music of the 70s, Disco Music, Funky, Soul, Pop Music, who made the history of those years. I was born in the mid 60s, so i lived right in the evolution of these sounds. This blog wants to revive after more than 20 years, the music of those years, memories, friends, first loves ..... For those not familiar with these genres, is a good opportunity to approach these fantastic sounds.
The Cooling Stream
rambling thoughts and reflections on life issues and faith.
Blackberry Photos
I have started using my Blackberry phone more and more for pictures. Although this is limited because of the capabilities of the phone I thought it would be interesting to post pictures I take as I go about my job as a charter bus driver
My Online Small Note
a small note about gadgets, technology, science and everything..
A personal finance blog, topics include investing, taxes, finance, debt, retirement. Your EC ad will appear above the line on my blog.
House of Book
personal blog about my book collection



The Fitness Diva said...

Thanks for posting, Jackie!

Happy dropps to you! ;)

jackie said...

Your welcome! Have a nice sunday!